HotNet Solution

In today's dynamic environment, the ability to access the Internet is no longer a luxury commodity; it has become an essential resource for business and leisure users alike.

Our new solution HotNet provides high speed Internet access for hotel guests and ensures that each and every user can access the Internet regardless of their settings or their technical background. HotNet includes integrated billing and automatic configuration, essentially providing a true 'plug and play' solution.

Benefits for Internet users:
  1. Faster & simpler environment to connect to the Internet.
  2. No complex configurations required, no need for installing additional software.
  3. Eliminate the disadvantages of dial-up connections.
  4. users can have access to their corporate secure network and resources.
  5. Virtual printing services.
  6. choose from three different types of plans to connect:
    • Limited Pre-paid cards.
    • Flat-Rate cards.
    • As-you-Go sessions.

Benefits for Hotels:
  1. Reduce PBX update costs by migrating users to HotNet Gateway.
  2. Attract & retain business clients and offer your guests a valuable service.
  3. Fast affordable installation requires minimal cabling and little on-site technical assistance (plug-n-play).
  4. Reduce equipment costs like printers and faxes, Now there is no need for printers or fax machines in every room.
  5. Generate new revenues.
  6. Offer billable services to your guests (charge per use).
  7. Offer personalized content and services as Customized information and advertisements that can be placed at the default Web-Page and appears to the user, this means more revenues for the hotel.
  8. Easy-to-use administrator interface enables you to view reports and statistics, generate and customize plans, and much more.