Enterprise Planning

Cognos Enterprise Planning provides the ability to plan, budget and forecast in a collaborative manner and secure environment.

  •  Align your corporate strategy's objectives with tactical and individual operating plans.
  •  Plan and drive your corporate performance in a collaboration manner
  • Drive accountability, improve accuracy, and increase visibility.
  • Coordinate planning cycles with market conditions; turning decision making process from months to days to quickly respond to market/regulatory pressures
  • Gain strategic / competitive advantage by Delivering predictable and visible best in class objectives.


  •  Financial specialists can build powerful business models and budgets.
  • Distribute your Budget models to managers and Reviewers through the Web.
  • Streamlines data collection from different branches in bottom- up approach.
  • Monitor Budgeting workflow and progress.
  • Eliminates the problems of errors, version control, and timeliness that are characteristic of budgeting using spreadsheets.



  • Provide Variety of Accurate methods for forecasting your plans targets
  • Enable you to perform monthly, quarterly and yearly based rolling forecasts.
  • Estimate your budget elements like revenues expenses, overheads and costs.