Archiving Systems

The more your business grow, the more you need a solution for keeping all your documents, faxes, emails, .. in a safe and handy location. When the number of these documents dramatically increased to exceed millions, then untraditional solution became a must.

Archiving System is the solution you need. It simply means converting and consolidating all your paper documents, faxes, emails - and may be microfilm also- into electronic format to be used by normal PC over Intranet and/or Internet.
It is not merely scanning!. It is a series of processes begins by capturing information from all sources (papers, microfilms, faxes, e-mails, text files, HTML documents, office documents, etc.). Some quality control may be applied on the image to improve its quality and readability. Then indexing process should take place, where proper information is added to completely describe these documents. Finally makes it readily available and searchable through a Web browser.

OCR technology is implemented for both Arabic and English languages. System automatically extracts the text from the document into database fields like keywords and document summary. This result in saving a lot of time required to manually write this context.