Business Intelligence

We help organizations to implement different frameworks like: Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Value Based Management (VBM), Economic Value Added (EVA), Total Quality Management (TQM), and any other framework that depends on business measures and KPIs.

Our main focus at GLOBISOFT is to provide our customers with the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) through building an accurate, timely and consolidated data warehouse for the enterprise. We follow Proven Standard Methodologies and international best practices in implementing the decision support system. Through our partnership with the market leader in business intelligence and enterprise planning, we provide our customers with the best possible BI solution in the market that already implemented for over 23,000 customer worldwide. For further details .GLOBISOFT can help organizations to achieve substantial business gains (ROI) by:

  • Identifying and assessing business intelligence needs, expectations, priorities and technology platforms

  • Creating a high-speed culture where analyses and visualizations promote effective decision-making

  • Designing a flexible business intelligence architecture that quickly scales to new business challenges and organizational change

  • Developing flexible and robust extraction, transformation and load (ETL) processes that are efficient, cost-effective and quickly deployable

  • Resolving business intelligence challenges that often arise when integrating various legacy and ERP (e.g. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or other) systems in specialized industries and applications, scorecarding and business intelligence.

According to the above talk about it, we have made the work of a range of projects have achieved for clients full satisfaction for the workflow. These projects are:

  1. Thuraya Telecommunication

    • Our role : Sale Cognos report net and Planning license and Training consultation

  2. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) : One of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Headquartered in the UK, They are a global organization with offices in over 100 countries and major research centers in the UK, USA, Belgium and China.

    • Our role : Create data mart fir CRM using Cognos report net then upgrade this version to work on IBM Cognos 8 , build Data warehouse using ETL tool embedded in SQL Server (DTS).

  3. LAFARGE / TITAN: The world leader in building materials.

    • Our role : Create complete Data warehouse and BI using Cognos report net , add new Data mart for sales and marketing using decision stream and create cubes using power play.

Globisoft Concise Profile

IBM Company


The market of the health care grew tremendously during the past few years and due to the rapid changes in the type of services and Products offered by health care organizations to its customer, the need for IT solutions that fits the increasing requirements of the personnel worked in that field and satisfy customer who became aware of the benefits results from implementing the technology in all fields specially that affects his daily activities and his health.

AHMS, our solution framework for hospital management, forms the basis of a process oriented solution that addresses administration, billing, laboratory analysis, and pharmacy management. AHMS has been designed to streamline the business practices of hospitals and clinics.
AHMS, as patient-centric information system, ensures optimum use of both the financial and the medical records of patients. The tight integration of all its modules ensures a faster start up plus easy retrieval and management of all stored data.

AHMS has been designed as to make its usage intuitive, which makes adoption of it by the hospital personnel quick and easy. Its high level of scalability ensures quick upgrades when change in the hospital's business practices so demands. With information collection, collation and retrieval all digitized, AHMS automate the entire documents workflow.

To round off, AHMS our superior Hospital Management Software provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.

Hospital Management System :: Modules

 Patient Administration

Registration of all types of patients (inpatient and outpatient)
When register new patient, patient code established automatically by the system to ensure there is no repeat code and the rest of the patient  data is inserted by system user's specialists to do so.
Determined data for each patient, which includes name, address, telephone number and date of birth, gender, insurance companies and its relationship to the insurance category.

Outpatient Clinics

Define an unlimited number of work shifts (working hours) where it is split hours of the day to any number of shifts with identifying them select one shiftto end the working dayby its endbecause the system works using practical day system for example,can practical day begins at eight in the morning and ends at eight next morning and so the system is not linked to the completion of the traditional day at 12 midnight.

The system can open in the current shift any previous shift when the system stops due to a power outage or any sudden malfunction.

The system can alert the user before the end of the shift particular time can be determined so as to avoid the shift lock automatically before the user end to all acts relating to these shift.

The system can print any special reports for specific like morning shift or evening shiftor night shifts or all shifts of a given workingday or in a given period.

The system can define accounting periods monthly or semi-monthly or customized

The possibility of the division ofdoctorsAccording totheir expertise, such as a doctor- Consultant-Senior Consultantand therefore it can be linked to certain specific category of servicesso that doctors cannot give services not belong to them category.

The systems link the outpatient clinics, pharmacy and stores where they are exchange directly to the clinic or the patient.

The system calculates the doctor's dues for clinics services, according to each clinic and how to contract with the doctor.

The system link with the company's contracts when calculating the cost of a particular service or a particular patient's consumer to benefit from the advantages of the insurance category of his patient, whether it was deduction or a list of discounted prices or coverage ratio of cost and benefit using one or more of the previous advantages.

Ability to print detailed and gross reports about the revenues of various clinics and the services provided divided on different shifts.

The system prints an instant ticket to the patient includes services and consumables obtained.

Reception and registration and transfer inpatients

Pre-booked a room for a patient with private insurance payment

InpatientsLogin to internal Department either directly or pre-booked with transfer insurance to their account.

Register available services for inpatients and add service value on the inpatient's account.

Register operations and consumables disbursed of medicines and other consumables for inpatients and adding value to the patient's account.

Ability to extract statement of account for inpatient when patient request and can be printed account statement in detail or gross.

The ability to make the settlement of credit or account for inpatient bymake payment receipts or returnreceipts necessary to settle the balance.

The system automatically calculates the daily accommodation as well as when patient out.

The system can recalculate all patient cash movements using the advantages of certain insurance category through transformation of cash to credit and in the case of delayed transfer letter

Following up the patients exit and settle their account.

The possibility of coordinating the bill terms of items arranged in appearance and also how they appear in terms of detail and whole.

Internal Department and room's management

Divided hospitalinto floors,wards, rooms and Beds

Following up state of wards and roomswhether it is free, occupied or in case of repair.

Show a detailed report of theroom'sstate and wards, through a detailed drawing of the hospital

System users can follow up status of wards, rooms and beds through accommodation bed control screen by click on room or bed. It can also know patient resident in a particular bed directly, standing on the bed occupied.

Laboratory and radiology

Link with the hospital management system.

Definition an infinite number of tests with the possibility grouped it and arranged it hierarchically

Identify what is printed in the patient report of the main headings and sub-tests.

Identify the input data type of the test elements in the fields, either digital or literal or selected from a specific list.

Inquire about any previous report by knowing one or more information such as patient name, physician name, and date of birth..... Etc.

It allows contracting with all kinds of companies through menus and discounts.

The possibility of inserting patient test results on more than one stage, according to the needs of the laboratory.

Extract many different and useful statistical reports to find out the type and number of tests required and the size of dealing with various individuals and companies.

Multiple levels of protection by using the user name and password and define the privileges of each user.

Ability to print the results of the test given to a patient more than once.

Link with the internal department by adding the test value on the patient's account.

Accounts of companies, trade unions and medical insurance companies

Definition of companies and its individual's admins and keeping all data related to contact ways with them, such as phone or fax.

Create a medical file for each patient involved in these companies.

Multiple ways for company's accounts either through price lists for each company or the percentage discount for each company.

 Create an automatically claims receipts from the system upon request to be sent to companies

Following up companies accounts

Operating rooms management
dealing with patients before entering the operating room.

Definition of surgical operations for all specializations in the hospital

Definition of doctors in all specializations and nursing staff

Identify the internal department patient's operations details and its results and print reports that meet so.

Defined doctor'sdifferent calculation methods based the contract terms with the hospital management.

Possibility of doing more than one operation to the patient during his stay with the possibility of calculate the second operationin half price if you perform two operations at the same time

Link with the hospital management system

Medical Record

File storage includes all medical tests, X-rays, operations, medical examinations and results for each patient.

Help doctors to follow-up patient's cases during a certain period of time during with follow-up test results and radiology as well as medications taken by patient.

Ability to search in the medical records using any information about the patient anddisplay resultsin separating the internal and external patients.

The possibility of the process the available movements for each patient according to its type (internal / external) by clicking on the patient in the search result.

Through search screen a brief screen appearsthrough which can insert / move / inpatient discharge or prints an invoice for the patient or exchanges his medication and other movements without opening the other screens of the system.

Patient Accounts

Register all patients' receipts and the returned receipts.

Calculatecompanies' patients Contracts

Register operations fees, internal department services, laboratory and radiology

Register medicines and medical supplies for inpatients during his stay.

Print detailedand gross patient demand report.

The possibility of converting cash bills to credit.

Possibility of extracting a gross and detailed statement of account

Purchases and suppliers accounts

Determine the purchaseplan of the items does not have a stock or no deficits its inventory by identifying demand limit and each item default quantity in purchase plan

Transformpurchase plan to sets of purchasing orders for a supplier or several suppliers.

Dealing with supplier's accounts and bills.

Inventory Management

Definition items in each store and packing units for each item.

The possibility of defining items classes and select a category for each class.

Determine items classes for each store

Identify medical units that deal with the store.

Possibility of transfer items to and from any defined store.

Give immediate warning in case of shortage of any item under lower-level identifier (demand limit).

Link and integration withoutpatient clinicssystem, internal department and pharmacy

Calculate and follow-upDepreciationoperations from stock or returned from a client or returned from vendor


Definition of medicines and other items and the packing units of each item. The possibility of defining items classes and select a class for each item

Definition of the scientific name of the drug and thus easily search and give alternatives.

Give the expiration reports before finishing by enoughperiods.

Give immediate warning in case of shortage of any item on the lowest level defined it.

Connectivity and integration with the stores system and the possibility of selling to the store directly,the possibility of transfer of items to and from any defined store.

Calculate and follow-up Depreciation operations from stock or Refundable from a customer or Refundable to a vendor

Patient visits

Display waited tickets of specific clinic or specific doctorduring specific periods with display of patient's data

Insertpatient visit data include (clinic, doctor, medical record number, date of the current visit, the recent visits, consumables and services provided to the patient during the visit, diagnosis, symptoms, prescription, X-ray and tests required)

The possibility of definition models can be used by doctors include the symptoms ,diagnosis ,prescription, tests and  X-rayto save doctor time and effort when recordingvisitsdata

Detailed reports about the details of the visit, as well as total visits to clinics and doctors, and the total number of visits amount

Outpatients Reservations

The possibility of display outpatient reservations by clinic and doctor between two given dates

Reservation for certain outpatient clinic and show only this clinic doctors with a simple graphical display booking

Account payable

Definition of salary cyclical movements such as base salaryand transport allowance, as well as any item is added or deducted periodically from salary,Example transport allowance monthly is 200 pounds or 10% of the base salary and so on.

System can print payroll list for each hospital or a specific section or under the name of functional and others.

General Accounts

System defines an innovative accounts tree hierarchy and gives a different color for each level and displays it by the account name or the account code,define of the number of sub-accounts to begin taking the numbers automatically and can be changed, not conflicting with the Supreme account number

The accounting system is the downstream of each financial movements that arise in all the programs where they are carried over to the corresponding account in the calculations tree


Enterprise Planning

Cognos Enterprise Planning provides the ability to plan, budget and forecast in a collaborative manner and secure environment.

  •  Align your corporate strategy's objectives with tactical and individual operating plans.
  •  Plan and drive your corporate performance in a collaboration manner
  • Drive accountability, improve accuracy, and increase visibility.
  • Coordinate planning cycles with market conditions; turning decision making process from months to days to quickly respond to market/regulatory pressures
  • Gain strategic / competitive advantage by Delivering predictable and visible best in class objectives.


  •  Financial specialists can build powerful business models and budgets.
  • Distribute your Budget models to managers and Reviewers through the Web.
  • Streamlines data collection from different branches in bottom- up approach.
  • Monitor Budgeting workflow and progress.
  • Eliminates the problems of errors, version control, and timeliness that are characteristic of budgeting using spreadsheets.



  • Provide Variety of Accurate methods for forecasting your plans targets
  • Enable you to perform monthly, quarterly and yearly based rolling forecasts.
  • Estimate your budget elements like revenues expenses, overheads and costs.

HotNet Solution

In today's dynamic environment, the ability to access the Internet is no longer a luxury commodity; it has become an essential resource for business and leisure users alike.

Our new solution HotNet provides high speed Internet access for hotel guests and ensures that each and every user can access the Internet regardless of their settings or their technical background. HotNet includes integrated billing and automatic configuration, essentially providing a true 'plug and play' solution.

Benefits for Internet users:
  1. Faster & simpler environment to connect to the Internet.
  2. No complex configurations required, no need for installing additional software.
  3. Eliminate the disadvantages of dial-up connections.
  4. users can have access to their corporate secure network and resources.
  5. Virtual printing services.
  6. choose from three different types of plans to connect:
    • Limited Pre-paid cards.
    • Flat-Rate cards.
    • As-you-Go sessions.

Benefits for Hotels:
  1. Reduce PBX update costs by migrating users to HotNet Gateway.
  2. Attract & retain business clients and offer your guests a valuable service.
  3. Fast affordable installation requires minimal cabling and little on-site technical assistance (plug-n-play).
  4. Reduce equipment costs like printers and faxes, Now there is no need for printers or fax machines in every room.
  5. Generate new revenues.
  6. Offer billable services to your guests (charge per use).
  7. Offer personalized content and services as Customized information and advertisements that can be placed at the default Web-Page and appears to the user, this means more revenues for the hotel.
  8. Easy-to-use administrator interface enables you to view reports and statistics, generate and customize plans, and much more.

ERP Systems

Globisoft has the state-of-the-art system that suits both medium and large enterprises. It is based on the world leader database and s/w application manufacturer. It covers the full fledge of most companies requirements from a Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing and Human Resources systems.

The Financial Suite includes:
General Ledger (GL).             Fixed Assets (FA)
Accounts Payable (AP)           Accounts Receivables (AR)
Treasury (TR)

The Distribution Suite includes:
Sales (SA)
Purchasing (PU)
Inventory & Stock Control (IN)

The Manufacturing Suite includes:
R & D
Job Order Processing

The Human Resources Suit includes:
Time & Attendance

Archiving Systems

The more your business grow, the more you need a solution for keeping all your documents, faxes, emails, .. in a safe and handy location. When the number of these documents dramatically increased to exceed millions, then untraditional solution became a must.

Archiving System is the solution you need. It simply means converting and consolidating all your paper documents, faxes, emails - and may be microfilm also- into electronic format to be used by normal PC over Intranet and/or Internet.
It is not merely scanning!. It is a series of processes begins by capturing information from all sources (papers, microfilms, faxes, e-mails, text files, HTML documents, office documents, etc.). Some quality control may be applied on the image to improve its quality and readability. Then indexing process should take place, where proper information is added to completely describe these documents. Finally makes it readily available and searchable through a Web browser.

OCR technology is implemented for both Arabic and English languages. System automatically extracts the text from the document into database fields like keywords and document summary. This result in saving a lot of time required to manually write this context.

Access Controller

Why Choose Access Control System?
access controls known as security access control systems, card access system, door access control systems, door security, door entry system, card reader, proximity readers, proximity card reader, digital keypad, security management Products, door entry systems keyless entry system


access controls typically costs significantly less per door than other popular proximity-based systems.


access controls meets the requirements of all projects.


Easy to learn, configure, bid, install, and operate.


You can add features as needed and grow one door at a time to match user requirements.


Extremely durable hardware Products with best-in-the-industry, maintenance and a lifetime warranty on proximity reader technology.


Pre-sale system design and post-sale installation support.

On the level of Accessing areas, surveillance, security, Time & Attendance systems and access control systems controlled by modular applications. Integrated as a total unified solution incurs the appropriate handling of the whole System.
We ensures its dedication to the employees satisfaction by Procuring its solution to operate on the latest computer platforms & environments World wide, which makes it always steps ahead in the Technology industry in the Middle East region.
Nevertheless, we give the best return on investment via the optimum Price/performance, as a result of the most reliable, up time, portable & flexible software solution, marketing & support teams interacting together to deliver an exclusive responsively ,meticulousness & employee requirement containment underneath the Values of time & mutual business relationships.

Portal & Content Management

Today many companies are experiencing the exact same difficulties with a new breed of enterprise software called portal software. Nearly every major software vendor has created an enterprise portal solution to better connect to their employees, customers, and business partners.

Enterprise Portals enable faster and more relevant decisions increase the speed and quality of work.Enterprise Portal is an integrated suite of capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

It is a framework for Project Management office for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. It supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise within one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate fragmented systems. It provides a single point of entry, often in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate information through application-specific portlets. Different sites for different projects will be created to contain all its shared documents, messages, tasks, pictures..etc. Only authorized users will be allowed to see these contents.

Globisoft has partnered with , IBM Websphere and Microsoft SharePoint to ensure that it can deliver the portal solution that best fits your organizations portal requirement. As a result, we have been at the forefront of delivering public, partner, and enterprise portal solutions for leading Fortune companies and public sector organizations.

Networking Solutions

GlobiSoft provides total solutions to often complex data-communication problems from simple dial-in access to fully managed corporate Wide Area Networks. Our engineers and designers have in depth experience of all aspects of Wide Area Network provision and system Integration.
We actually provide working solutions to meet the customer’s needs and budget. We are able to seamlessly migrate legacy networks to new technologies with the absolute minimum disruption. GLOBISOFT will avail to you a full Networking solution in the following areas:

Website Development

Competition across the web is increasing and increasing fast. Geographical boundaries have collapsed before those slick guru sellers who are flooding the Internet to sell their Products and services. Having a functional web site for business customers is no longer a luxury; it's something that customers and business partners have come to expect.

We at GLOBISOFT believe in the major benefits that we can offer to our clients through the e-Business technology. We invested in building a highly experienced e-business team to satisfy the growing needs of our customers and partners. Our primary focus is solving customer business problems utilizing web technologiesincluding domain name registration, web hosting and web applications design.